Brinsea Octagon 20DX Digital Incubator with Autoturn Cradle
Capacity approximately 16 large Falcon/Harris Hawk/Goshawk eggs or up to about 30 Sparrowhawk/Merlin eggs. Comes with adjustable egg dividers. The temperature control is fully automatic, once the required temperature has been set. It has a digital readout in Centigrade. Egg turning is performed once hourly by the automatic cradle. The turning time is approximately 25 minutes in each direction, exremely slow, great for setting eggs. The incubator is fan assisted, and can also be vented manually.
Price: 185.00GBP (plus 14.00GBP P&P in UK,& 30.00GBP overseas)
Spot Check Digital Thermometer
Calibrated upon request for accurate incubation. Complete with movable probe for easy insertion into the incubator for accurate temperature reading where the eggs are. Continuous readout in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit. The unit can also be switched ON or OFF.
Uncalibrated Price: 28.00GBP (plus 5.00GBP P&P in UK,& 8.00GBP overseas)
Calibrated Price: 50.00GBP (plus 5.00GBP P&P in UK,& 8.00GBP overseas)
Cool-Lume High Intensity Candler
High intensity candler for raptor eggs , provides a high concentration of light with virtually no heat - eliminating the risk of thermal stress/damage to evolving embryos. Ideal for inspection of embryonic growth within the egg.
Price: 65.00GBP (plus 6.00GBP P&P in UK,& 10.00GBP overseas)
Digital Egg Monitor - Buddy
This is the ulitimate way to test the fertility of an egg. This will tell you instantly if the embryo is alive within the egg. Ideal for checking early fertility, and helping weak chicks out at hatch time. A heart rate monitor.
Price: 230.00GBP (plus 7.00GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
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