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Falconry & Hawking by P.Glasier - published 2005, Third edition, hardcover
Considers all aspects of Falconry and Hawking. Chapters on history, bird selection, training, tools and equipment. There are two new chapters in this edition, an update on Health & Disease and a new section on the authors experience of Arab falconry. This book is known as "The Falconers Bible".
Price: 35.00GBP (plus 6.50GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
Care, Captive breeding and Conservation by Jemima Parry - Jones - published 2003, paperback
A dedication to Falconry, care and conservation of birds of prey.
The book is written with years of experience and knowledge.
Price: 13.00GBP (plus 3.50GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
A Manual of Falconry by Frank l. Beebe - published 1984, paperback
Frank has contributed to many great books over the years this one again not being an exception to the rule. Written with authority on a subject he fully understands, with 50 years of experience to draw upon.
Price: 15.50GBP (plus 3.50GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
Hawking and Falconry for Beginners by Adrian Hallgarth - published 2004, paperback
Covering all aspects from choosing a bird and equipment, to building suitable mews, diet and training.
Price: 25.99GBP (plus 6.50GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
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